Allow us to introduce ourselves, we’re TOPdesk!

We help organizations like yours improve their service management. Want to know more about us? Here’s a short introduction video.

The TOPdesk story

TOPdesk was founded in Delft, the Netherlands, over 25 years ago by 2 students who wanted to make a difference. Their goal was to help others improve their customer service – with software that is simple and easy to use.

Since then, the organisation has grown: from 2 employees to over 700, and from a single small office to branches in 10 countries worldwide. We might be large, but we’ve never stopped believing in our core values: listening to the customer’s needs and giving employees the trust, freedom, and responsibility to do great things.

TOPdesk helps you put your customers first

Our solution helps you help your customers. But let’s be honest: good call management alone won’t make them happy. We believe that three elements hold the key to optimal service delivery.

Standard and Simple

Make things as easy as possible for your customer. Give them software that is simple to use and implement, be transparent about your products and services, and offer a good self-service portal that boosts customer independence.

 Shared Service Management

Shared Service Management

No department is an island. Your customers rely on IT, facilities and other services – with each handlingrequests in their own way. Save your customers a lot of hassle by offering a single point of contact, and even by sharing your processes. With all departments on the same page, communication with your customers becomes more straightforward, and makes your services easier to manage.

Service Integration Management

Your department probably works with suppliers. But if they let you down, you may let your customers down. That’s why it’s important to collaborate effectively with your suppliers. How? Start by integrating your tools. This helps both parties manage agreements and stay up-to-date. If you improve the relationship with your supplier, everyone will benefit.

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