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Does your business have a few service desk operators? Simply looking to process IT tickets, requests and IT assets for end users?

With TOPdesk Professional, you can:

Support your end users by easily logging tickets and requests

Manage IT assets like software, computers and telephones in one CMDB

Assign tasks within your IT department and to suppliers

Give your end users a personalized portal to log their own requests and find information

Reserve rooms, laptops and projectors

Create straightforward changes for your service desk colleagues

Measure your performance with extensive reports

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Mature processes

Does your business have a multi-person service desk? Do you work across multiple branches? With departments like HR, IT and Facilities that collaborate?

TOPdesk Enterprise offers the same options as Professional, plus you can:

Easily work in one environment with multiple departments

Set up filters to safeguard sensitive data

Create complex workflows throughout your business

Make extensive reservations, based on details such as room size, available assets and catering

Manage your properties and buildings

Record the arrival of your visitors

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What are TOPdesk prices based on?

TOPdesk has a unique license model. Whether you’re an MSP or use TOPdesk internally, you’ll always get the best price for your needs. The price of TOPdesk’s plans are based on two elements.


The modules you need

TOPdesk is modular, meaning you only pay for the modules you use. It’s that flexible. Easily expand as your business grows, or switch off modules you don’t use.


Number of callers or agents

TOPdesk’s flexible licensing model is based on the number of callers or your service agents – whatever benefits you most.

Which features does each TOPdesk solution offer?

TOPdesk is modular and flexible. Check out our ITSM page or CAFM page for an overview of all available modules and features.

Available integrations

Does your organization work with several tools? No problem. You can easily integrate TOPdesk with other applications, such as Active Directory and Skype for Business. And system management tools like Lansweeper and SCCM.Visit TOPdesk’s Marketplace for an overview of all our integrations.

Looking to integrate with even more tools? TOPdesk offers an API that lets you make your own simple integrations.

What makes TOPdesk unique?

ITIL-based modules for all your service needs: from Ticket and Asset Management to Reservations Management

License based on end users or service agents

Unlimited number of assets

Easy to implement: get up and running quickly

Choose between on-premises or SaaS

Which TOPdesk solution is right for me?

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