03 Aug 2022

Process Automation: top 7 things you should be automating on your service desk – SDI Experience Event

Join us at 1:20pm BST for Ben Scavuzzo’s talk – ‘Process Automation wins for IT and Service Desks’

2022 is the year Process Automation comes into its own. Organisations are ready and the technology is here.

This virtual event is aimed at ensuring your IT service derives the maximum value from data, analytics, and process automation.  We will take you on a journey from strategies for automation, and innovations in technology, to hands on practical advice to help you achieve your automation goals. 

Using predictive analytics can strengthen your IT infrastructure and help your team meet business goals. Machine learning and predictive analytics give you the power to prevent organisational outages by improving service reliability.

The event will run from 11am-4:05pm BST on 3rd August.

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Tune into the SDI - Experience event, Process Automation

Tune into the SDI – Experience event, Process Automation


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