22 Oct 2020

[WEBINAR] Office App’s multi-functional integration with TOPdesk

Have you ever felt like there are too many apps on your phone, and you’re constantly getting redirected to a new app? Have you ever been on the run and needed to book a meeting? Have you ever noticed an issue needing attention, but then forgot about it by the time you got back to your desk?

With Office App’s easy to use mobile application, you have all the functionality you need, directly integrated with multiple functionalities in TOPdesk along with your other office applications.

  • Book a meeting room, register your visitor, book your parking space all in one flow.
  • Instantly report issues through Office App, and the issue is automatically updated to TOPdesk.
  • Deep integration with other services like access control, community feedback and building management.
  • Insights into building operational data to make your workplace even more comfortable.

If you’d like to improve the office experience for your employees, and gain valuable insights into how your office is being used, KaraLynn Lewis, Senior Partnerships Manager at Office App will give you all the details in this upcoming webinar.

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