3 principles of switching to smart 

Think smart. Give your team room to experiment.

If you’re trying to make your processes perfect or see every improvement as a big project, change is going to be hard. Trust your IT team and give them room to experiment with small, continuous improvements. Even the smallest change can free up valuable time.

Plan smart. Get started and keep it simple.

Keep it simple and only make changes that offer value to your end users. Whether you want to use self-service to automate part of your Incident Management or reduce the number of change approvals: start with the easiest win, get feedback and keep improving.

Act smart. Make best practices work for you. 

There’s no time to reinvent the wheel, so look for quick efficiency gains. Instead of following ITIL to the letter, take a more pragmatic approach: borrow ideas from your peers, or pick elements from proven best practices. Also look for standard solutions that you can adopt without effort.