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MUL ICT Services

Moving from messy to-do lists towards an organized ticketing system

If you’re a small IT service provider, it’s not easy to manage all your customers’ systems simultaneously. How do you process tickets quickly, keep track of your customer’s hardware, and unburden your users? Read on to find out how MUL ICT Services manages all this thanks to TOPdesk Lite.

Back in 2011, Raymond Mul was head of the IT department at Tilburg University and a member of SCIRT: a SURFnet community for security experts. Juggling IT and security work every day was proving very useful: working in the cloud was becoming more popular – as was cybercrime. It was crucial for organizations to keep their online and on-premises security on track. Mul recognized the opportunity, and started his own business: Mul ICT Services.

We can fully adjust TOPdesk Lite to meet our organization’s needs, not the other way around.

Raymond Mul

Full-service IT agency

Starting his own business was a smart move for Mul. He had soon employed two fulltime system administrators, with several freelancers working for him. They work on system management and preventative maintenance, with a strong focus on security. “We help customers with every aspect of their IT,” says Mul. “This includes process automation, system management, workplace management, installations, relocations etc. But we also offer advice about working in the cloud or how to deal with personal data.”

Looking for ticket registration

But the speedy growth of Mul ICT was not without its problems, as Mul explains. “I hired a number of freelancers for a big job. They worked with a mail box and an IT manager box with a to-do list. They used that list to register incidents and problems, but you could only enter a date and comment. We couldn’t tell each other what we’d done for each ticket and what still needed to happen.”

Complete freedom

Mul had worked with TOPdesk at Tilburg University since 2005. Two of his system administrators were familiar with the ITSM tool as well. When they heard that TOPdesk had a Lite version, Mul was immediately interested. It took one demo to convince Mul that TOPdesk Lite was the right fit. “We were amazed by the freedom that TOPdesk Lite could offer us, for instance to customize all the categories and sub categories. We can fully adjust TOPdesk Lite to meet our organization’s needs, not the other way around.”

Mul ICT Services

All information at our fingertips

TOPdesk Lite helps Mul ICT to keep track of who is working on what for each ticket. “We want to unburden our customers,” explains Mul. “We don’t want to call them back to ask for more details or explanation. All the information and actions we’ve taken should be visible at a glance.”

“We purchase hardware for a lot of clients. It’s really handy that we can record all the hardware located on-site in TOPdesk Lite, including the purchase date and price. This saves time, for instance when an item is broken. We can also advise our clients regarding their hardware budget.”

Always compliant

“We create blueprints of all network environments with, for instance, the location of all routers and switches,” says Mul. “This information helps you to act quickly, and often you don’t even have to visit the site. Keeping track of hardware details means you can be proactive, such as immediately knowing what you need to update when there’s an important security patch. You’ve also got the information to tell your customer that they’ve already activated ten licenses of a specific tool and are no longer compliant if they want an additional installation.”

TOPdesk from the cloud

Mul ICT works with TOPdesk Lite from the cloud. “It’s an absolute must that we can use our ITSM tool from the cloud,” says Mul. “TOPdesk Lite is a core application in our organization. We use it to register all our tickets and our hardware, so it’s imperative that the software works day and night. SaaS has been a life-saver; the TOPdesk software is always available.”

Adjust to your organization’s needs

Is your organization interested in using TOPdesk Lite? Mul has some advice: take a good look at your own service delivery. “Adjust TOPdesk Lite to match these processes. Think carefully about which categories and subcategories you want, about the different status options for your calls, about registering hardware or not. Because TOPdesk Lite is so flexible, you can almost fully adjust it to your organisation.”

Become more professional with TOPdesk Lite

This year is all about growth for Mul ICT. “IT and security are becoming more important, which you can clearly tell from our portfolio. We recently moved to a new, bigger office and are looking for new staff. We’ve also become a training company, so we’ll soon be teaching apprentices the tricks of the trade. To make sure everything goes smoothly, we’ll have to lay down some clear ground rules and focus on documenting procedures that we’ve made our own. This means we’re already actively creating a policy and working on ITSM – even as a small company. We’re happy to have TOPdesk Lite on our side to help us steer everything in the right direction.”

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