17 Nov 2017

TOPdesk publishes product road map

At TOPdesk we strive to be as transparent as possible. We believe that by sharing our ambition, vision and development goals with our users, we become a better partner for our customers. We also want to gather feedback on what we share so we can keep improving TOPdesk.

That’s why we’ve made the road map for our software available on our extranet. We want to share with you the projects we’ve completed as well as projects we’re working on right now or will start working on soon. You can even see which topics we may take on in the future. This overview will be updated regularly.

TOPdesk greatly appreciates your feedback on this road map. Let us know what you think of our plans, or share your own ideas for our software via this link. You can use the same link to request an account if you don’t have one yet.

Team TOPdesk
Product Road Map TOPdesk