17 Nov 2017

Working with TOPdesk Support via Worcade

Would you like to stay up-to-date on your calls with TOPdesk Support from your own TOPdesk environment? This is possible. TOPdesk Support is now connected to the collaboration platform Worcade, helping you collaborate seamlessly with TOPdesk Support from your own TOPdesk environment.

You can start a conversation with from a call in your own TOPdesk invironment. You choose which information you share with Support. A new call is automatically created in TOPdesk Support’s environment, which links to the same Worcade conversation. This way, you always have the latest details about a call, and you don’t have to copy data back and forth.

Would you like to start a conversation via Worcade? Search our knowledge base on TOPdesk extranet. You’ll likely find the answer to your question or the solution to your problem.
Worcade is available in all version of the new TOPdesk. Ask your TOPdesk application manager to set it up for you. You can do this via Functional Settings > Worcade. For more information, visit the Worcade website.

Team TOPdesk