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Calor Gas is the UK's leading supplier of bottled butane and propane gas, used for heating, cooking and energy. Since 2004, Calor Gas has been using TOPdesk Enterprise to support about 1000 colleagues from various departments. Jill Lamb, IT Customer Support Manager at Calor Gas, tells more about how her organization uses TOPdesk.

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IT customer support



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Self-Service Portal



Finding the right tool

“Before TOPdesk we already used a service management application, but that brought no real benefits. The software was costly, it had never been configured properly and we did not receive the support we needed.

We therefore began looking for another service management solution. It was important that the solution would be more user-friendly than the previous one, and that it would be ITIL-compliant. So I set up a Service Improvement Programme and did lots of research. I then went to an itSMF conference to see which package met our requirements, followed by reference visits and demonstrations of two applications Finally, we decided that TOPdesk was the ideal solution for us. We’re a medium-sized organization, and the TOPdesk application is not too big or unwieldy, but it is extensive enough to suit all our needs. Moreover, it’s a user-friendly solution.

Calor Gas

Better processes, more transparency

We now have a better understanding of process-based working. The proper training was important in this. All IT staff members are trained to at least ITIL Foundation level, some are qualified to practitioner level, and I am a fully qualified ITIL Service Manager. It helps us all to get what we want out of the software.

The introduction of TOPdesk was also an opportunity to register all our hardware in Configuration management. We now have a central point where we have registered all this information. It is not yet perfect, but things are better now than they have ever been. Everything is slicker, more efficient. Defining the working processes has created more visibility – people can for example view the status of their incidents.

The TOPdesk application is not too big or unwieldy, but it is extensive enough to suit all our needs

Increased self-service

The Self-Service Portal went live recently, after a pilot period of a few months. At first, we thought it would be just another thing to worry about – would our end users have enough IT literacy to work with the software? But it turned out to be a real benefit for the team. The Self-Service Portal is user-friendly and it allows us to respond to calls quickly. For the users, it is now clearer what kind of information is required from them in order for us to resolve the calls.”

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