IT Change Management tool

Unparalleled workflow efficiency with templates and planners

Complex changes made easy

IT departments are often tasked with implementing changes. This could be as simple as replacing a PC, or as extensive as introducing entirely new software. Whatever the complexity of the task, an IT Change Management tool makes it easy to plan your entire workflow – from request to evaluation.

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 ITIL Change Management Software: Automate your workflows

Automate your workflows

You often deal with the same types of change requests. So why keep reinventing the wheel? The IT Change Management module lets you register your recurring processes and procedures in ITIL-aligned templates. Standard changes can be implemented in seconds. And to save even more time, you can set up dependencies between activities, as well as authorisation moments. Project members can see when they can get started, without a coordinator having to micromanage.

All the information you need

You know exactly which information you need to start implementing a change. Your employees however don’t. Thanks to the Form Designer, you can add your your IT Change Management best practices and Service Requests to forms. When an employee requests a change via the Self-Service Portal, they simply have to fill out the form. Thanks to ITIL-based change templates, the new request for change is automatically created with all relevant details.

 Change Management monitor your planning with ease

Monitor your planning with ease

With so many changes to supervise, things can get hectic for IT managers. Luckily, the Change Explorer offers clear overviews of all tasks and workflows. You can see at a glance which changes are in progress, spot possible problems and manage deadlines – and even authorize activities from your inbox. You will always know whether your team is on schedule.

 Change Planner lets you create and edit activities

Clear schedules for extensive changes

Changes often require activities from several people. Thanks to the IT Change Management module, you can easily plan these extensive changes. Once the change is authorized, the handy Change Planner lets you create and edit activities. You will always know who is doing what, and you can immediately update schedules if necessary.

 IT Change management - handy to-do lists

Handy to-do lists

To make things run smoothly, people need to know what to do and when. Your colleagues can check their current activities in TOPdesk’s personalized to-do lists. They can also immediately close completed activities and add comments.

 TOPdesk’s IT Change Management module ensures you always have access to the right data

Immediate access to all relevant information

Changes in your IT service management can be complex and have a considerable impact on your organization. You don’t want to disrupt your colleagues’ work while performing necessary updates, for instance. So it is of the utmost importance that you always have access to accurate, up-to-date information, to make sure you get things right first try. TOPdesk’s IT Change Management module is integrated with Configuration Management, ensuring you always have access to the right data. Rest assured that big changes can go off without a hitch.

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