Flexible pricing to fit your needs


Best suited for a smaller team of operators, looking mainly for a way to process tickets and requests.

With TOPdesk Professional, you can:

Provide easy ticket logging for your operators with a clear UI

Manage and maintain all your Assets in one place

Assign tasks to your team and to suppliers

Give your end users a personalised portal to log their own requests

Reserve rooms, laptops and projectors from the portal

Create straightforward changes for your service desk

Measure your performance with extensive reports

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Ideal for larger teams, and Service Departments like IT FM and HR looking to collaborate closer.

With TOPdesk Enterprise you get:

All the functionality of Professional, plus:

Easily work in one environment with multiple departments

Set up filters to safeguard sensitive data

Create and manage complex workflows across your business

Make extensive reservations, based on details such as room size, available assets and catering

Manage your properties and buildings

Record the arrival of your visitors

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How our pricing model works

We believe you shouldn't pay for more than you need. So no matter the size of your organisation, or the functionality you need, you can construct a TOPdesk environment that suits you. We base your price on two factors:


The functionality you need

You only pay for the TOPdesk modules you use. This way, you can easily expand as your business grows, or switch off functionality you don’t use.


Number of callers or agents

Your price is also based on the number of callers you serve or number of service agents you have – whichever suits you best.

How do I find out more?

Fill in the form below and one of our team members will be in touch with you to chat about your organisation's requirements so that we can work out your price.

And if you would also like to see more of TOPdesk in action, you can take the opportunity when chatting to us to schedule a demo either in person or online. We are happy to help out in any way we can.

Why TOPdesk?

Choose only the modules you need

Powerful and efficient Self-Service functionality

Collaborate with other Service departments

Choose between SaaS and On-Premise subscription models

Continuously updated for cutting edge Service Delivery

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