01 Jun 2021

TOPdesk UK 2021 Application Manager Days

Due to popular demand our Application Manager Days are now fully subscribed! Stay tuned for more updates on future Application Manager Days.

Boost your TOPdesk knowledge:

We’ve designed Application Manager Days to suit any level of technical knowledge when it comes to automations. Both will be held virtually in line with current national restrictions.


  • 1 & 8 June 2021 – Basic Automations 

Focusing on the pre-built action sequences available

Knowledge level – Minimal technical Knowledge


  • 3 & 10 June 2021 – Advanced Automations 

Building customized, advanced, and complex automations

Knowledge level – An understanding of how APIs work


During each event you’ll boost your TOPdesk knowledge though sessions by our Consultancy and Support teams.

We’ll also answer any questions you have to ensure you can get the best out of your TOPdesk environment.

London, UK
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