23 Nov 2021

TOPdesk UK Application Manager days

Boost your TOPdesk knowledge:

This month’s Application Manager Days will be focused on Enterprise Service Management. We will be exploring how to expand the scope of TOPdesk’s functionality to be applicable to multiple departments and not just IT.

We will be hosting online sessions on the following dates:

  • 23 November 2021 
  • 25 November 2021 

You’ll be able to collaborate with other application managers and share experiences alongside our consultants. The day is free of charge and online. It begins at 9:45am and finishes at 1:00pm.

Who is this day for?

It’s ideal for application managers based in the UK who have worked with TOPdesk for at least a year and want to get more out of their environment.

Sign up here 

Please note, there are limited spaces available for these sessions.

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