Helpdesk Software for the Healthcare Industry

Enable better patient care with seamless Service Management

Deliver high-value service to staff and patients

Supporting doctors, nurses and other staff in doing their job is increasingly about providing them with the tools to deliver stand-out patient care at all times. TOPdesk lets you deliver value-based healthcare services, equipping you with all tools you need to speed up work. Automate processes and give patients and staff the power to help themselves solve simple issues, all while ensuring compliance to regulations, staying on top of medical equipment and facilities, and reducing your operational costs.

Why TOPdesk?

- Increase Customer Satisfaction by 20%
- Decrease call rate by 50%
- Reduce lead time by 44%

- 20 years experience in Healthcare Helpdesks
- 8/10 rating among Healthcare customers
- ROI within 6 months

Speed up processes, save money

Make your processes more efficient and automate the resolution of simple requests with powerful knowledge management and incident management capabilities. Getting the same request a lot? You never have to explain the same issue twice again.

Help patients and staff excel

Hospital staff are busy helping people, so help them save time by letting them log and track requests in a sleek Self-Service Portal you can design to your own requirements. It’s proven to boost customer satisfaction, and cuts both time and money for the Service Desk. 

Keep full track of assets and premises

Gain full insight into what type of equipment is where on the premises, and get clear graphical overviews into even the most complex configurations. Impact analysis is suddenly much easier, and you can anticipate and tackle disruptions at their core.

Adapt TOPdesk easily to your organisation’s needs

TOPdesk easily adapts to the needs of your helpdesk, without large scale implementation or coding knowledge. Design your own Self-Service Portal the way you want, giving staff a clear go-to portal for logging requests easily. Plus, only pay for what you need with our simple modular pricing structure.

Improve TOPdesk alongside us

We continuously deploy TOPdesk with new features and updates to enhance your Service Delivery. And if there’s a feature your organisation thinks is needed, you can request it from us on our user-driven innovation platform and see if other TOPdesk users agree. If enough do, we’ll build it for you!

 Incident and Problem Management Maturity Assessment Sheet

Work with us to improve your processes

We have 20 years of global experience in healthcare to share. Use our expertise and do a health-check of your Service Desk along with our consultants when implementing the tool. Together we find ways to improve your processes and work more efficiently as a team, and across Service Desks.

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