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21 Apr 2021

Digital signatures in TOPdesk with Sign from

The classic method of signing documents is time-consuming and costly. The solution? Digital signing with Sign in TOPdesk. You no longer need a pen, printer or scanner!

How Do Digital Signatures Work?

Sign is the tool for fast and legally valid digital signing of documents from TOPdesk partner With Sign you can send PDFs and Word files to co-signers. Recipients can digitally sign these files on almost every device. No special app or program required. Once signed, the contracts are provided with a time stamp and secured with a certificate. This gives your documents a unique, valid digital signature. Great benefits of Sign are that you only pay for a fully signed document and the number of signatories has no effect on costs.

Integration with TOPdesk

The integration of Sign with TOPdesk means you can start a sign request directly from the Self-Service portal or the Operator section. The recipient receives a request to sign a document in Sign. After signing or declining, the document is added as a PDF file to the TOPdesk incident or activity card.

In addition to Sign, offers various other solutions such as messaging channels, a customer data platform, voice solutions and innovative payment methods and is located globally.

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