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24 Jun 2021

Free new add-on by Martello extends TOPdesk’s search and reporting capabilities

We’re excited to announce that Martello just launched a free version of its TOPdesk Event Management add-on, Martello iQ for TOPdesk. This add-on enables users to perform a lightning-fast search through all incidents and assets across the entire IT environment. Reporting is also made easier with real-time custom reports based on any property within TOPdesk.

With Martello iQ for TOPdesk, it only takes seconds to identify the number of tickets opened in the last 24 hours, either overall or for a specific operator. You can also easily see which ones have been opened for a specific period and which resources are having the most issues. This free version can be easily upgraded to the full version of Martello Event Management for TOPdesk, which filters and correlates alerts from any of your monitoring (SolarWind, SCOM, Nagios, PRTG, etc.) or Cloud (Azure, AWS, Google) platforms.

This enables you to:

  • Reduce the event noise in TOPdesk by up to 99%
  • Visualize how health issues are impacting critical business services
  • Create and share service dashboards for your NOC & Helpdesk with correlated data
  • Define, track & share SLAs with management and business lines

Elevate your TOPdesk deployment with advanced service management capabilities. The free version of Martello iQ and the Event Management upgrade are available via our Marketplace.

Team TOPdesk
partner, TOPdesk Marketplace