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13 Oct 2020

Announcing new partnership with Enterprise Bot

TOPdesk is excited to announce a new partnership with Enterprise Bot, a customer-centric AI company that uses cutting-edge technology to solve business problems worldwide.

Enterprise Bot and TOPdesk are the perfect combination to provide enhanced customer service. Our collaboration will help customers boost productivity, automation and raise their ROI. How? With two shareable integrations: Email Response Automation and AI Powered Chatbot.

Enterprise Bot uses a pre-integrated system to create an AI customer service agent for customers already using TOPdesk. Developing an effective chatbot for a business traditionally takes up 6 to 12 months. Enterprise Bot’s use of historical data and existing datasets allows them to have their bot up and running between 8 and 12 weeks. This makes AI customer service more accessible to businesses large and small.

Want to know more about Enterprise Bot?

Please check our Marketplace for the Email Response Automation and AI Powered Chatbot integrations or the Enterprise Bot website.

Team TOPdesk
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