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02 Apr 2019

TOPdesk partners with Sensorla to expand its global presence to Asia

Delft, NL— TOPdesk, a leading provider of Enterprise Service Management software, announced today that it has partnered with Sensorla to expand its global presence to Asia.

Through this strategic partnership, TOPdesk and Sensorla will provide Asian customers with localised implementations and proven best practices in the area of IT Service Management (ITSM) and Facilities Management (FM) software. IT and FM departments or services providers will be able to take advantage of TOPdesk’s renowned ease of use to improve the productivity of the organisation and customers. Singapore and Hong Kong will be the first markets to experience the benefits of this partnership.

“We are excited to partner with Sensorla for the Asian market,” said Wolter Smit, CEO of TOPdesk. “It’s clear that Asia is a market with extensive opportunities. With Sensorla, we are confident that we have the right mix of global standards and local knowledge. The founders of Sensorla have proven that they have the deep market knowledge, technical expertise and extensive network to address the Asian markets.”

“The partnership of TOPdesk and Sensorla will disrupt the ITSM and FM software markets in Asia. Customers no longer have to put up with long and expensive implementation costs. TOPdesk’s intuitive interface and incorporation of best practices in the software allows customers to be up and running in weeks and not years,” said Alex Lim, CEO and co-founder of Sensorla.

About Sensorla

Sensorla provides an artificial intelligence workforce management system, that is coupled with robotics and IoT sensors, to optimise the workforce in the areas of Facilities Management and IT Service Management.

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About TOPdesk

TOPdesk is a leading provider of Enterprise Service Management software with more than 5000 customers worldwide. TOPdesk prides itself on high customer retention and satisfaction scores in Gartner Peer Insights Reports.

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