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16 Apr 2021

TOPdesk receives TrustRadius TRUE Program certification

TOPdesk is certified as a TRUE software vendor for a second time because it remains committed to ethical review management.

For a second consecutive year, TrustRadius has recognized TOPdesk with its TRUE certification designation.

TrustRadius’ TRUE certification recognizes technology vendors that are Transparent, Responsive, Unbiased, and Ethical. TOPdesk remains certified TRUE because of its continued “going above and beyond to manage customer reviews according to the highest industry standards.”

To qualify for TRUE, TOPdesk continues to commit to the following:

  • Provide equal opportunity for product users to share honest feedback in reviews
  • Disclose how they source reviews and how incentives are used
  • Read all published reviews and responds when necessary
  • Represent review content accurately in sales and marketing materials
  • Disclose the use of intent data for marketing purposes

“Transparency of all our processes remains at the center of all that TOPdesk does, and it is so important that TrustRadius includes it in its criteria for measuring the quality and strength of a vendor’s solution,” said Ruben Franzen, president of TOPdesk US. “As with TrustRadius’ initial designation, we are honored by receiving the TRUE certification for a second consecutive year because it proves that we’re focused on serving our customers in the most transparent manner possible.”

TOPdesk remains the first in its category to receive the TRUE designation.

Want to see verified reviews from TOPdesk users? Check out TOPdesk’s reviews and ratings at TrustRadius.

Team TOPdesk
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