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22 Feb 2019

TOPdesk named in top 5 global ITSM and ESM vendors

TOPdesk is named as one of the best 5 ITSM and ESM vendors worldwide by analyst firm Research In Action. We are described as an established vendor ‘on a fast growth trajectory towards the top three’, scoring extremely well in customer satisfaction with the best price versus value compared to all competitors.

The ITSM sector has been dominated by four vendors for many years: BMC, CA (now Broadcom), HP (now Micro Focus) and IBM. 2019 however marks a turning point, according to the Vendor Selection Matrix™ – IT And Enterprise Service Management SaaS And Software: The Top 20 Global Vendors 2019, the newest market analysis report from Research In Action GmbH. Only three of the big four remain in the top 10 with just two still in the top 5.

Today, the top ITSM vendors include large platform vendors, smaller point players and innovative startups. What binds these organizations is their strong offering in Enterprise Service Management.

The top 5 Vendors according to the Vendor Selection Matrix are:

  1. ServiceNow
  2. Cherwell
  3. Broadcom (CA)
  4. EasyVista
  5. TOPdesk

Research in Action researchers call TOPdesk an established vendor on a fast growth trajectory towards the top three. “With more than 4,800 customers, TOPdesk continues to be one of the most important medium-sized vendors globally. TOPdesk develops, sells and implements software, in order to help organizations in streamlining their service activities. This by definition includes Enterprise Service Management and is honored by clients with consistently high scores. TOPdesk has an extensive and capable partner network which clients really like.”

TOPdesk is named as one of only a few vendors in the market today with a long-established heritage in ITSM but also proven capabilities in Enterprise Service Management. In particular supporting shared services organizations with established best practices. “The client retention rate lies at 98%. Consequently, TOPdesk scores extremely well in customer satisfaction and has achieved the highest result in the price versus value category from all competitors. TOPdesk is one of the most important medium-sized global players for IT and Enterprise Service Management with an European heritage and will continue to do well.”

”At TOPdesk we are very proud at this recognition from our customers and it shows we are really helping them to create service excellence for their customers,” says Ramon van Leeuwen, Chief Customer Officer at TOPdesk. “Today it’s all about experiences and partnerships, and the research shows TOPdesk is doing the right thing.”

About the Vendor Selection Matrix™
The Vendor Selection Matrix™ is a unique, primarily survey-based methodology for comparative vendor evaluation. A minimum of 60% of the evaluation results are based on a combined telephone and online survey covering 1,500 IT buyers in enterprises worldwide. More than 45,000 data points were collected in Q4 2018 and Q1 2019.The analyst’s opinion accounts for a maximum of 40% of the evaluation results (not close to 100% as in most other vendor evaluations). The Top 20 vendors of IT and Enterprise Service Management SaaS and Software solutions (selected by the buyers in the survey) were evaluated using a weighted set of 8 criteria.

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