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09 Sep 2020

Webinar TOPdesk and

All communication touchpoints and customer information in one tool

Ask Roger! developed a new platform named ties all communication touchpoints together and integrates them into Microsoft Teams. All communication from channels like WhatsApp and social media such as Facebook Messenger and Twitter comes in at one place. This way, help desk employees no longer have to switch between different systems: they receive all their messages in Microsoft Teams and answer them in the same way. The platform also offers the convenient ability to add a smart chatbot and CRM integration.

When you integrate with TOPdesk, help desk employees get a pop-up in Microsoft Teams when someone calls them. This pop-up allows employees to easily look into the customer’s information in TOPdesk and have direct insight in any open incidents.

Together with Ask Roger!, we’ll host a webinar for all TOPdesk clients on 15 September. Business Development Manager at Ask Roger!, Fabien van ‘t Woudt, will tell you everything about the platform and the TOPdesk integration. Sign up here!

Want to know more? Take a look at our Marketplace, this video about TOPdesk and, or the website.

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