How to: Registering Extended Impact Analysis in TOPdesk

In every organization, change is integral to growth and development. However, changes also bring risks, and assessing those risks well is the key to achieving success. 

TOPdesk Change Management and Asset Management are the perfect combination to perform impact analyses and successfully assess risks resulting from your organizational changes. You can easily set this up yourself by using action sequences, eventually creating an Impact Analysis tab on your Change cards. 

Want to know how it all works and how you can configure Impact Analysis in your TOPdesk environment? Then you should check out this 5-minute webinar in which we: 

  • tell you why you should register your impact analyses within TOPdesk; 
  • demonstrate what this will look like in TOPdesk Change Management; 
  • explain how the action sequence works. 


5 minutes




How to

Your host

Max Veenhof

Technical & Process Business Consultant, TOPdesk