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A little knowledge goes a long way. Whether you’re looking to learn about self-service or customer-centricity, we’re sharing these practical tips to help you get started.

Buyer's Guide

Looking for an ITSM solution, but don't know where to start? This buyer's guide features 5 easy steps to help you select an IT service management vendor that's right for you.

Best practices for your IT Service Management department

Want to make your customers truly happy? Best Practice Service Management helps you simplify your work processes and offers practical tips on becoming customer-focused.

Agile Service Management

What is Agile Service Management? This e-book reveals all, including 6 real-life examples of how to bring speed, flexibility and customer-focus to your IT team.

Customer journey mapping

Mapping your customer’s journey is a quick way to spot improvements to your service delivery. This toolkit gives you a 1-hour workshop and materials to get you started.

TOPdesk brochure

Want to get your ticket flow under control? Or are you looking for more advanced ways to reduce the pressure on your service desk? Discover what TOPdesk brings to your department in this brochure.

Research In Action Vendor Selection Matrix™: ESM 2022

Every year, Research In Action surveys more than 10,000 enterprise IT decision makers to gain insights on strategy and on-going challenges of technology innovation in the IT world.

Knowledge Management

Discover how sharing knowledge makes your service desk more efficient. And calculate exactly how much time you’ll save through knowledge management if you put in the effort.

Enterprise Service Management

Have you heard of Enterprise Service Management? But don’t know if it’s right for your organization? Or where to start? This complete guide gives you practical tips on the what, why and how of ESM.

Customer centricity

The secret to cutting costs and improving efficiency? Discover how putting customers first is the best way to become more cost-effective and increase customer satisfaction.


Discover how to make your customer more self-reliant, improve the efficiency of your service desk, and promote your self-service portal with self-service.

Workforce Enablement

Unleash the potential of your workforce with this toolbox. Find out which skills to look for in your teams, what customers need to be productive, and how to minimize disruptions.

Incident Priority Matrix

Download the Incident Priority Matrix Template and find out how to better prioritize incidents in your organization.