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Did someone say TOPdesk features?

Here’s everything you need for better service management

Basic ITSM services

Lessen the workload for your IT helpdesk

Help your IT team handle tickets, share knowledge and solve problems faster. Simple, modern design makes it easy to use for agents and end users alike.

Incident management

Register and process all requests and complaints to your IT helpdesk and assign tickets to agents with ease.

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Asset and Configuration management

Keep track of your IT assets and see how they’re connected in the CMDB, helping agents easily spot problems.

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Self-service portal

Save time helping customers: let end users submit and track tickets, and find answers to common questions 24/7.

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Knowledge base

Share solutions with fellow agents and increase self-service by publishing FAQs and standard solutions.

Kanban board

Easily share, prioritize and assign tickets within your IT team the agile way.

Plan board

Stay on top of your IT team’s availability and workload.

API and Integrations

Connect TOPdesk with your favorite tools thanks to our 90+ integrations, or create your own with the TOPdesk API.

Contract and Service level management

Register agreements to safeguard the quality of your service delivery.

Multi-channel support

Offer multi-channel support for a great customer experience

Help customers engage with your service desk, when and where it’s right for them. From the self-service portal to chat: your channels are connected, so you can easily get all information in one place.


Support your customers immediately with live chat. Let service agents chat to several customers at the same, and save conversations in TOPdesk for future reference.

Mail import

Import emails from customers and turn them into tickets automatically, saving you time and resources.

Open portal

Offer end users such as citizens or students a portal where they can easily get your help.

Form designer

Design your own forms for requests in the Self-Service Portal, and get exactly the information you need from your end users.

Service Catalogue

Share which services you provide, the terms and conditions, and let customers easily request your services in the Self-Service Portal.

Survey module

Get your customer’s feedback with surveys, so you know where to improve your custom experience.


Help customers through WhatsApp, SMS and Chatbots thanks to our integration options.

Facility Management

A world of overview for your facilities department

Give your facilities department one easy-to-use tool for all their tasks, from monitoring work orders to scheduling important repairs.

Reservations management

Manage your rooms, services and assets for all reservations with the easy-to-use scheduling tool.

Visitor registration

Keep an eye on which visitors you’re expecting and which are present in your building, helping you improve service levels and security.

Property management

Register details of your buildings, rooms and sites, and keep up-to-date on maintenance tasks.

Order management

See which items and objects are purchased and by whom, and let colleagues place their own orders via the Self-Service Portal.

Planned preventative maintenance

Manage, schedule and budget planned long-term maintenance with ease.

Fleet management

See which cars you have, who’s driving them, when lease contracts expire and which repairs are done.

Key management

Record all your keys and access passes, and see who is using them.

Call management

Register and process all requests to your Facilities department and assign calls with ease.

Asset management

See which company assets you have in the graphical overview, from access passes to company cars.