Facility Management Software

Room to grow your facilities

Whether it’s tracking assets, planning maintenance or booking rooms, TOPdesk’s Facility Management software helps you perform all your tasks and workflows quickly and easily within one tool.

Some features that support your FM processes

  • Call Management: Register incoming tickets and resolve them or forward them to your suppliers.
  • Reservations Management: Reserve rooms and workplaces, services and assets for all your reservations.
  • Supplier Management: Register agreements and safeguard the quality of your service delivery.
  • Asset Management: Register and keep track of all your company assets.
  • Planned Preventive Maintenance: Manage, schedule and budget your maintenance work.
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Reservations Management

Book rooms, assets and services in no time

Eliminate double-bookings and catering problems with Reservations Management. Immediately see which rooms are available, their set-up and available assets. Find out if there are company cars or public transport cards available. The planner lets your directly book whatever you need, adding services in just a few clicks.

TOPdesk Reservations Management module Planned Preventative Maintenance

Your premises in perfect condition. Always.

Manage and schedule your planned maintenance with ease. Our graphical overviews let your record maintenance activities and schedule replacements of your company’s assets. This helps you keep your premises in tip-top condition – no exceptions.

TOPdesk Reservations Management module

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Dashboard and reporting

Keep track of your department's performance

TOPdesk provides one clear dashboard for all your reports and KPIs. You can create insightful reports in a few simple steps, helping you measure customer satisfaction or your department’s performance. Easily keep track of which resources are running low or how many calls your suppliers are working on.