How our culture makes things happen

We created a solution for service teams who want to make things happen.

Why? Because that’s exactly what we’re passionate about, too. Our employees care about making an impact, helping people, and learning and improving together. They’re driven by the desire to create organizations where everyone can thrive, every day. And our open, flat organizational culture gives them the freedom to do exactly that.

How our story started

In the nineties, our CEO Wolter Smit was working his way through university as a programmer at a small IT business. His friend Frank Droogsma, co-founder of TOPdesk, worked there as a help desk operator.

Both Wolter and Frank experienced the problems help desk operators still face today first-hand. So, they rolled up their sleeves and started coding in an attic in Delft. Their goal? Helping other companies make their services better, simpler and smarter.

Over 25 years later, Wolter is still a geek at heart. Although he doesn’t code much anymore, he’s still actively involved in the development of our software.

Employee holding TOPdesk logo mark

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