ITSM Software

IT services that make you smile

Go from piles of requests to effortless IT services with TOPdesk’s ITSM software. Standardize how you solve problems and capture knowledge, so your agents can enjoy the work they do best (and your end users will love).

Platform in the cloud

Stay on top of everything in one place

Share tasks with fellow agents. Keep end users in the loop. Work with other service departments. And even spot recurring problems with our ITSM tool. One platform for all your requests, assets, and workflows makes your IT services consistently great.

Some features for effortless IT support

Incident Management

Keep track of incoming requests. Automatically prioritize and assign tickets to the right agent. And share your progress with automated emails.

Asset Management

Get an overview of your assets, who’s using them, how they’re related, and when they need replacing – so you never miss a thing.

Change Management

Replacing a PC or introducing new software? Request, plan, and evaluate entire change workflows – no matter how complex – in a single planner.

Knowledge Management

Bring your knowledge closer

Build a knowledge base to make colleagues and end users smarter with TOPdesk’s ITSM software.

  • Share your team’s knowledge, so junior first-line agents can answer tough questions with zero hand-holding.
  • Help end users find answers to simple things themselves in the Self-Service Portal.
  • Use some AI to feed your knowledge to chatbots and give answers to recurring questions automatically.

Users can find answers quickly and easily. And our operators can find knowledge items for any issues they’re trying to resolve.


Customer experience

Help end users by tailoring the experience

Omnichannel support gives end users a consumer-level experience. With live chat solutions, AI chatbots, and the Self-Service Portal (featuring a handy Service Catalogue), requests are routed to the right team – and end users always know what’s up.

Have you put the “wow” in your service? See whether you’ve delivered that laptop on time with SLAs. Receive a star-rating for each problem solved. And measure satisfaction with in-tool survey options.

Want to know what TOPdesk has to offer?


Turn metrics into insights

See where you can improve immediately thanks to real-time metrics in the reports and KPIs dashboard. Advanced analytics help you spot potential problems and work proactively.


Tie it all together

Bring virtual assistants, network scans and personnel data into TOPdesk with 90+ integrations in the TOPdesk Marketplace. Or build your own with the API, so you can continue to use your important tools.

  • Azure DevOps
  • ebbot
  • lansweeper
  • Power BI
  • WhatsApp
  • Zapier

Make it yours

Your TOPdesk platform isn’t set in stone. Pick the plan that fits your organization, mix in the right add-ons and personalize features like your Self-Service Portal, forms and templates.

Our software in a nutshell

  • With 3 plans to choose from, you can start small with the features you need today – and easily add more if your needs change tomorrow.
  • Out-of-the-box ITSM software that’s ready to use in weeks, not months. No coding needed. Just a little guidance and best practices from our experts.
  • Thanks to Software as a Service, your TOPdesk ITSM tool is always up to date.

Discover our software’s nuts and bolts

Grow at your own pace

Remove the chaos in your IT department today with our ITSM tool and best practices. You can start small with features for ticket registration and asset management. But there’s always room to grow.

With guidance from us (only if you need it) and a tool built for step-by-step improvements, your IT services will continue to amaze.

We were very impressed with the people at TOPdesk: they listened to our needs and supported us every step of the way.

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