Enterprise service management software

Give customers the best of all worlds
TOPdesk's Enterprise Service Management software gives your customers the best of all worlds

Benefits of uniting your services

Happier customers

With one go-to service point, it’s a no-brainer where customers can go for help. This not only increases transparency, it’ll make your customers’ experience skyrocket.

Easier collaboration

Bringing your service teams together boosts communication, making it easier to share tasks, workflows, best practices and knowledge - and ultimately help customers better.

Higher ROI and lower costs

Sharing the workload means operational costs go down. And you’ll also spare the expense of department-specific tools.

Higher quality

Using the strengths of each department means you'll solve problems faster, leaving more time for larger improvements like knowledge-centered service.

Single point of contact

One-stop-shop for all service requests

  • Log any question or request they have, no matter the topic. A ticket is automatically sent to the right team or agent, and customers can track the status via the portal.
  • Browse a webshop-style service catalog and request services, from room reservations to contract changes.
  • Find answers to straightforward questions thanks to the knowledge base and FAQs.

Self-Service Portal of TOPdesk's Enterprise Service Management software
Self-Service Portal of TOPdesk's Enterprise Service Management software

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Shared tool

One tool, full business support

TOPdesk brings all your service teams in the same platform, so collaboration and customer support is seamless across your business. Easily assign and share calls, gain insight into joint projects, and leverage knowledge – both between your service teams, and with external parties like suppliers.

We were initially looking for a tool for IT and HR. But then we realised TOPdesk was a genuine Shared Service tool and we’d be able to include many more functions.

North Lincolnshire council

Suitable for any department

Shared but secure


Get on the same page

Let’s face it: Enterprise Service Management isn’t just about sharing tools. It also means collaborating on how you deliver your services. What this means? Well, if you’re ready to bring your services together, you can:

  • Start applying best practices from each team
  • Set communal goals
  • Create reports that cover the goals of multiple teams
  • Manage expectations and enforce SLAs.

With your processes aligned, you’ll be able to give your customers a better experience while freeing up valuable resources to invest in other areas.

The process for handling calls is now similar across departments, so it’s easier for us and our customers to keep track of calls.

Delft University of Technology


Let’s help you on your way to ESM

Interested in the possibilities of Enterprise Service Management? Or need a little extra help before you’re ready for take-off? We have years of experience helping companies transition to ESM. Whether it’s helping you leverage your knowledge through knowledge centered service, getting your processes aligned, or setting up a shared service desk: let’s discover the possibilities together.

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