Software Specifications

The building blocks for a happier workplace

Discover what you’ll get – and how – if you decide to become a TOPdesk customer.

Out-of-the box solution

Standardized software that’s ready to go

Based on market standards like ITIL and proven best practices, we’ve already done a lot of the thinking for you. Our standardized software offers many benefits.

Easy to implement

Out-of-the-box software means it’s easy to implement. This gives you the best value for money, and you don’t have to get developers in to set up the difficult stuff.

Personalized set-up

It’s easy to make TOPdesk work for your department, with a little help from our consultants. And for a good reason: we want you to get the most value out of our software. How? With a pragmatic step-by-step implementation approach that meets your needs.

Customize the small things

You can easily adjust things yourself in a few clicks, such as forms, required fields and your Self-Service Portal—no need to tinker with the software’s code.

TOPdesk software specifications

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