Dashboard, reporting and KPIs

One beautiful overview to measure your performance

Uncover your data with ease

Do you know whether your IT department is performing well? And whether you're meeting SLAs? If you're delivering great services, you'll need the numbers to prove it. TOPdesk’s Dashboard and Reporting feature makes it easy to visualize the performance of your department. The Dashboard gives you one clear overview of your key metrics, helping you actively step up your service when needed.

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 Customize Dashboard

Visualize KPIs and reports on a customizable dashboard

TOPdesk’s Dashboard is completely customizable. Easily create an overview of your most important reports, and get immediate insight into key data like your service desk’s response time. Handy widgets make it easy to create any report, KPI and selection you want – and easily drag and drop them to your dashboard. You can set up module dashboards for each specific process, or a single Dashboard page that covers all your processes.

 Inside your data

Get inside your data with a single click

A pie chart gives you plenty of information – but sometimes the more important details are hidden inside these charts. Want to learn more about the percentage of reported incidents last month? Simply click on the drop-down list to view any report in more detail. This gives you more insight into your data, helping you take immediate action.

 New Report

New reports in five easy steps

The user-friendly Report Wizard lets you create a new report in five easy steps. How? Apply filters, determine which fields you want to include, group the results, and select your preferred report type. You can choose from clear overviews, extensive graphs or colourful pie charts, giving you a perfect overview of your team’s performance.


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