Incident Management software

Exceeding your customers’ expectations has never been easier

Customers nowadays expect a lot from services, including those from your IT department. To keep up with these higher expectations, managing your information is essential. TOPdesk's Incident Management and Reporting system lets you easily register all incoming tickets. Simply open an Incident card, enter the most important details, and save. Is the incident resolved? Your customers are notified automatically.

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screenshot of incident management software

Customer conversations in one location

Thanks to the Progress Trail, your conversation history is logged in one clear overview. Want to add a screenshot or document? Simply drag it from your desktop or folder, and it’s immediately uploaded to the incident card. Less time spent on tedious tasks, more opportunities to get creative and discover new value.

Assign tasks with ease

If tasks have to be passed on, you want to rest assured that the new agent has all the information they need. TOPdesk’s Incident Management software makes this easy: all information is registered on one card which can be assigned to a different agent in one click. Want to know what is assigned to whom? The handy Dashboard makes sure you never lose track again and allows you to deliver quality services consistently.

Automatic answers – no effort necessary

Why spend so much time answering the same questions, when instead you can focus on bigger tasks? TOPdesk lets you record the answers to recurring problems and add them to incidents. Agents are automatically alerted to possible standard solutions based on keywords – no effort required.

Boost efficiency with autocomplete

Register incidents even more quickly with TOPdesk’s autocomplete feature. Start typing and let TOPdesk fill in the rest. This not only prevents mistakes – it also ensures reliable and accurate reports. The effect? Boosted productivity across the organization.

Cut down on administration time

Wouldn’t it be efficient if callers not only provided all the right information, but registered it themselves as well? All this is possible with TOPdesk’s Incident Management system, thanks to our user-friendly and intuitive Self-Service Portal. Your customers can register their own requests, and they can monitor progress without your agents contacting them.

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