IT asset management software

One CMDB. Full control.

Knowledge is power, but it’s also the key to efficiency. TOPdesk’s IT Asset Management software and CMDB lets you register and keep track of all your assets in one overview. See which objects your organization has, who is using them, how they’re related, and when they need replacing. Having one clear overview not only saves time – it also lets you quickly spot potential problems.

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TOPdesk's IT asset management software graphic overview

Manage your assets with flexibility and control

TOPdesk’s IT Asset Management software is extremely flexible. Thanks to templates, you can design each asset card to capture exactly the information you need. Simply add the functionalities that best fit your processes, and create fields relevant to your specific assets. This makes empty fields and redundant information in your asset cards a thing of the past. Moreover, our powerful REST API lets you integrate with other tools, helping you to easily manage and work with your assets.

Pinpoint problems with ease

TOPdesk’s ITAM tool features a graphical overview of all your organization’s assets, making the most complex configurations a piece of cake. Agents can see at a glance who is using which computer, and at which workstation. This visual representation is also great for impact analysis. Experiencing a disruption? Easily see which assets are impacted and which other assets are involved, helping you pinpoint the root cause of any disruption in no time.

See relationships between assets in one overview

Relationships between assets don’t always fit a standard mold. In TOPdesk’s IT Asset Management tool, you can easily register which assets rely on each other. Is a server not working? Then it’s likely the applications linked to this server won’t either. Thanks to Asset Management, your agents will see exactly when a server isn’t operational, and which assets are impacted. Spotting and solving problems is now easier than ever.

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