Helpdesk software for Education

Better support for your students and faculty

Sleep better knowing your service team is meeting staff and students’ expectations. Onboard thousands of students without breaking a sweat. This is reality for 100s of IT teams in Education currently using TOPdesk. And not to brag, but we’ve won awards for it.

Educational institutions that make service happen with TOPdesk

Meet tech-savvy students’ expectations

Bye phone calls and walk-ups, hello Self-Service Portal. Give staff and students one secure place to read FAQs, log tickets, and order supplies 24/7 – without having to talk to anyone. Easily customize the portal for a personalized experience.

The self-service portal empowers our staff and students to solve issues on their own. Overall, we’ve seen a 50% decrease in ticket resolution time.

Dean Callaghan, Wodonga TAFE ICT team leader

Get to grips with onboarding mayhem

From email accounts and ID cards to setting up that Xbox – automated workflows in TOPdesk’s Change Management are the stress-free way to give your students an unforgettable first day.

TOPdesk makes your operators seem like superheroes and invisible all at the same time. It’s seamless.

CSC Providence

Less repetition, better reputation.

Automate recurring requests like password resets using chatbots or workflows, route tickets to the right operator automatically, and keep track of your faculty’s assets in one overview. With hours saved, you can work on service improvements that stick.

Make staff and students self-reliant: give them a place to ask questions and read FAQs. Book things like rooms and desks


Why TOPdesk helpdesk software for education?

Start small, adjust and even scale TOPdesk to other service departments.

Personal support and best practices to get the most out of TOPdesk.

Go live in weeks, not months – no coding needed.

Continue to use your favorite tools thanks to our 500+ integrations and API.

ITSM Solutions for Education University TOPdesk Gartner Customers Choice 2022
ITSM Solutions for Education University TOPdesk TrustRadius Tech Care Award
ITSM Solutions for Education University TOPdesk TrustRadius Top Rated Award.png

Awardwinning software

TOPdesk is quick to set up and easy to tweak, so you can make daily improvements yourself. We’ll partner with you to make the solution work for your faculty – now and if you’re looking to expand to other departments in the future. We’re top-rated for a reason: all our customers agree that our API is truly awesome.

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How the TAFE empowers staff and students with TOPdesk’s self-service portal

Discover how Wodonga Tafe went from chaotic walk-ups and sticky notes on monitors to a centralized portal for the entire organization. Today, students and staff receive consistently great support, using TOPdesk as their first point of contact to resolve issues, request equipment and book rooms.


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