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Effective modules for everyday efficiency

As a global manufacturing firm headquartered in Germany, and an operating branch here in Canada, Liebherr-Canada Ltd relies on consistent efficiency in its daily operations to meet the needs of both the company and its customers. Join us as we talk to Tomas Martorano, Liebherr’s Director of Information Technology, and Oscar Semprun, the company’s IT Service Delivery Manager on the two companies’ partnership to date. When looking back on Liebherr-Canada’s journey with TOPdesk which began in 2020, the partnership has enabled success in asset management, incident management, integrated modules, and unparalleled support services.

Prior to integrating with TOPdesk, Liebherr-Canada had been utilizing a basic ticketing system for the past decade. However, limitations in functionality and poor integration prompted the manufacturer to juggle multiple platforms for their business operations. This led to a quest for a comprehensive solution capable of addressing all their complex requirements, especially for their operations in Canada.

Liebherr Crane in a forest

Up and running in no time

In today’s fast-moving economy, time is money and TOPdesk knows it. That’s why our support team ensured Liebherr-Canada was up and running in a matter of a few months with a low time-to-deliver even with the circumstances of the pandemic.

Liebherr was able to jumpstart their onboarding process along with aiding customers months sooner, which proved beneficial to their daily operations. Moreover, this allowed Liebherr-Canada more time to create “automated tasks” and “connected activities” that integrated various departments and enhanced productivity, enabling their teams to focus on strategic initiatives.

“TOPdesk’s onboarding touches on every single department, from finance to procurement

Oscar Semprun, IT Service Delivery Manager

Integration made easy and effective

Several years ago, when it came time for Liebherr to switch over to TOPdesk, we ensured it went off without a hitch.

Semprun expresses, “Support has been really helpful, normally when I open a ticket, I get a response the same day”. TOPdesk’s dedicated support team has been instrumental in providing Liebherr with assistance when they require it.

On the TOPdesk side, the key to these low response times is to ensure minimal disruptions to customers’ daily operations. Moreover, all while providing expert knowledge and a proactive approach to their tool. To date, 90% of TOPdesk Canada’s responses have been on the same day, with 72% of those being in the first hour of receiving a ticket for assistance.

Integrating with TOPdesk allowed many different departments within Liebherr-Canada to be connected and proved to be extremely useful for logging tickets when requesting food for meetings, specific food requests, or logging dietary restrictions.

More specifically, also discussed was the implementation of a shopping cart feature where Liebherr-Canada’s employees can effortlessly order supplies when needed with the click of a button. This easy TOPdesk integration saved Martorano and Semprun a great deal of time in streamlining operations, so they aren’t wasting valuable time during the busy hours of the day.

Liebherr construction on a hill

Efficient asset tracking

After some time, Liebherr-Canada migrated over to TOPdesk’s revamped asset management system that allows its users to effortlessly keep track of their assets regardless of size and importance.

“It was a good idea to move forward with asset management, so we are able to keep records of our assets like laptops, servers, conference units, and even software,” Semprun says when looking back on the decision to migrate to TOPdesk’s new Asset Management tool.

Now, Semprun could track any asset he wished. Everything from meeting rooms to the company’s specific servers. Liebherr’s assets were now accounted for so Martorano and Semprun could do their jobs stress-free. Additionally, allowing them to follow the ITIL framework, something familiar to them, and our benchmark.

This was a huge addition as it now provided Martorano and Semprun with an accurate account of technology asset lifecycle costs and risks to maximize the business value of IT strategy, architecture, funding, and sourcing decisions.

Once the Asset Management functionality was integrated, Martorano and Semprun were less worried about losing assets as they could all be logged and tracked in the Asset Management dashboard.

The interconnectivity of TOPdesk has been really helpful for us. We use it a lot and it lets us keep track of things very easily and efficiently

Oscar Semprun, IT Service Delivery Manager

Streamlining operations for efficiency

Martorano and Semprun speak on the highly integrated nature of TOPdesk. Something that has not only facilitated smoother operations but has also fostered a culture of transparency and accountability within Liebherr-Canada, ultimately contributing to their continued success and growth.

“The interconnectivity of TOPdesk has been really helpful for us. We use it a lot and it lets us keep track of things very easily and efficiently,” they say.

For Liebherr-Canada, having the ability for users to actively see the live status on tools allowed the manufacturer to stay on top of active tickets – all in one spot. Thus, eliminating the need for several tools that perform their service desk needs so Liebherr can provide the best service for their customers.


Martorano and Semprun say they would recommend TOPdesk to other companies in their industry, considering the partnership thus far has proven to be a transformative journey. Characterized by streamlined operations, enhanced efficiency, and unparalleled support from our consultants, this partnership continues to assist the global manufacturer each day.

As our relationship with Liebherr-Canada continues to grow, we are excited about what the future holds with this collaboration.