Stay on top of your projects

TOPdesk’s Project Management software helps you keep track of all moving parts during your projects. You’ll have a clear graphical overview of all project phases, including schedules, milestones and dependencies. And thanks to our handy to-do lists, everyone in your project team knows what to do to, and when, to make every project shine bright.

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One single project management tool

Opening a new store, moving a department or designing new software? Managing projects is hard work. And it gets even harder if your work is spread out across email, spreadsheets and other tools. TOPdesk’s IT Project Management software lets you plan, organize and track all your projects from a single platform. The same one your agents can use for daily work, like solving incidents or managing assets. Giving your team a designated place to communicate, collaborate and perform together.

Adjustable for every workflow

Every project is unique. So, you need a tool that’s flexible and can accommodate any project, no matter the size and complexity. With TOPdesk Project Management you can create your own custom project timeline for every project you take on. Changed course mid-project? Simply add a new phase or milestone with a few clicks – and you’re ready to go.

Handy graphical overview

To make managing your projects even easier, TOPdesk comes with a graphical overview of your projects: a clear picture of all project phases and their accompanying schedules. Helping you spot what needs to be done and when with ease – across your whole team.

Improve your teamwork

Most projects have phases and activities that can’t start before others have been finished. Thanks to Project Management, you can easily assign these dependencies straight from the graphical overview of your project. You can indicate a time frame for each phase and sub-phase within the project and assign a person to be in charge.

Helpful to-do lists

To make your projects run on schedule, people need to know what to do and when. To-do lists display current tasks, giving each project member an up-to-date overview of assigned tasks. They can also immediately close completed activities and add comments.

Stay on top of your budget

Budgeting is an important part of any project. With TOPdesk’s Project Management each project member can easily track their hours and costs per individual task. Project manager can automatically see the total costs per phase or the entire project. Making it easy to monitor and analyze planned budgets versus your realized budget.

Keep using the features you love

Managing your projects in TOPdesk means that you always benefit from every single feature TOPdesk has to offer. From authorization management, overviews, optional fields and selections to extensive search options. What’s more, TOPdesk’s Project Management is integrated with Change Management, giving you an easy way to assess the impact, costs and risks of a new project beforehand. Simply link a project to a standard procedure, or change, and assess your next project before giving it the green light.

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