customer story

CSC Providence

Engaging staff with a simple tool

“Making your child a priority” is what CSC Providence lives by. In order to educate children, it is important to ensure the service department has efficient processes in place. This way, teachers can spend their time on what matters most – education. Marc Ethier, computer technician, explains how TOPdesk has helped improve management within their service department.

The support has been my favourite part of this experience, because you never feel like you’re being talked down to. Everyone is so happy all of the time.

Marc Ethier

One tool for everyone

“Before we started using TOPdesk, we were working in several different tools. We had different tools for asset management and reservations management, which made it hard to prioritize our work. Our staff got more and more frustrated as calls were getting lost in the shuffle. That changed when we started working with TOPdesk.”

Since implementing TOPdesk, the service departments at CSC Providence have a single place where their customers can request and obtain information. Many staff members even solve their own issues using the knowledge base, which they can access via the Self-Service Portal in TOPdesk. On the operator side, documentation is being added to help assist with the knowledge base, and employees are seldom leaving the tool.

“Many people are coming back excited.”

CSC Providence is becoming more efficient with TOPdesk. Processes are becoming tighter. TOPdesk is being used for IT, Student Information Management and training staff equally across all platforms. “When colleagues come back and say, ‘wow this is so much easier, and we really enjoy it’, well, that hasn’t happened in the 15 years I’ve been here,” Ethier says.

CSC Providence

Support from happy staff

“Everybody who I’ve spoken to at TOPdesk knows the product inside and out, and are happy to help,” says Ethier. “Our support tickets are answered with valid information, right away. Outside of the tool itself, the support has been my favourite part of this whole experience, because you never feel like you’re being talked down to. Or like you don’t know what you’re doing. Everyone is so happy all of the time – it’s awesome.”

What does the organization think?

“Some of our biggest critics in the past have been coming up to me and said how much better this tool is. How much easier it is to use. For example, the customization of the forms – you can get the users to put in a few details in order to create their request. It’s quick.”

CSC Providence uses TOPdesk in French. Ethier says, “the translation has been seamless. Participation from staff has been wonderful. Communicating to our team has been a lot easier.”

New processes make lives easier

“Operators come up to me and say it’s so much easier to create a knowledge base article and link it to a ticket . Or they’ll point out the ease of creating a major call and linking related tickets to it.” The IT department has been able to improve ticket flow and prioritize efficiently.

Through email polling, staff are receiving updates on their tickets directly to their inbox. They are being kept in the loop. When they reply, the ticket is updated automatically. It has shown a significant increase in customer satisfaction.

“Nobody is turning back now. Nobody is regretting our decision to go with TOPdesk. I haven’t heard any negative responses yet. Everyone seems to be enjoying the tool.”

TOPdesk makes your agents seem like superheroes and invisible all at the same time. It’s seamless.

Marc Ethier

Would you recommend TOPdesk to another school board?

“Without hesitation, I would recommend TOPdesk to another school board. It makes your agents seem like superheroes and invisible all at the same time. It’s seamless. ”