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Grafton Merchanting

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4 x
more tickets logged via the Self-Service Portal with TOPdesk

Success through simplicity: an industry fit

In an industry where everybody is always on the go, having an easy and simple way to log service tickets is crucial. We spoke to John Spiers, Head of IT Service Delivery, about their journey towards this uncomplicated service offering with TOPdesk.

With TOPdesk there is always consistency with who we talk to, so we feel valued.

John Spiers

On the lookout!

In 2020, Grafton Merchanting were on the hunt for a new helpdesk system and had a number of key requirements, for example: Software as a Service (SaaS), an industry fit, and plug-in-and-play but easy to modify.

“We’re not a large company, nor a large IT department, therefore some toolsets were too complex for our needs. However, having a hosted environment has always been an essential feature for us, as is the ability to modify the services we offer in order to reach each unique department within the organization,” John explains.

Fitting their needs: Costs and implementation

TOPdesk’s SaaS offering appealed to Grafton, then when John and his team were introduced to the pricing and implementation process, they knew it was the right fit for them.

“The cost of ownership with TOPdesk was significantly lower than other vendors and the licensing model was easy to grasp. Another key selling point was the implementation model. We worked directly with one consultant throughout the process who had the knowledge and understanding to help us achieve our objectives.”

Grafton Merchanting

The ingredients for a partnership

When deciding on a vendor, it wasn’t just the system that Grafton took into consideration. “Being a relatively small implementation, we were conscious of being lost amongst larger clients. With TOPdesk there is always consistency with who we talk to, so we feel valued.”

TOPdesk is a global organization with offices in 15 countries, nevertheless, customer-centricity is at the forefront of what we do. John and his team recognized this and felt that there were all the ingredients for a partnership with us: “As a growing company rather than a corporate entity, TOPdesk is a really good fit for Grafton Merchanting.”

Reaping the benefits

Just months after implementation, Grafton have already made progress which shows that their decision has paid off. Pre-TOPdesk, their Self-Service Portal (SSP) had been neglected. Since implementation, they are already receiving four times more tickets via the SSP.

The mobile access has also proved to be valuable to the organization: “Both operators and end-users find it useful that TOPdesk can be accessed from anywhere via the browser. The fact that it works well on mobile devices is extremely popular, especially the re-sizing of the mobile portal. This means people can open up reports on-the-go, and hop easily from desktop to portable devices.”

Accessibility for all, no matter their expertise, was key in the implementation of TOPdesk at Grafton: “You have to assume that not everybody works in IT. This approach has been hyper-successful in engaging the entire organization. We have kept the format of emails simple to ensure clarity and this overall simplicity has been essential for our success.”

TOPdesk has provided lots more opportunities for us, which has led to people wanting more out of the system.

John Spiers

Progress and possibilities

Grafton’s wish-list has truly been achieved since they welcomed TOPdesk to their organization. Their close partnership with consultancy has helped them to create a simple but effective solution which appeals to the organization as a whole.

“TOPdesk has provided lots more opportunities for us, which has led to people wanting more out of the system. Instead of just receiving the service, they now strive to modify services to fit their needs. It’s keeping me busy! But it’s great to see people buying into the project.”