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TOPdesk’s knowledge base system makes it easy for your employees to store and share knowledge with each other and with customers. Use known solutions to solve recurring calls in a few clicks. Get new employees the necessary knowledge they need to start delivering great services from day one. And empower your customers to help themselves – freeing up oodles of time for your agents.

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TOPdesk's Knowledge Base overview

Solve incoming calls faster

Are your agents answering the same questions over and over? Add the right answer to these and other questions to your knowledge base. Next time, agents simply select the right answer directly from an incident card, without having to reinvent the wheel. The results? Reduced response times and better service. Agents will love the workflow as well. Knowledge items give them more time to work on what they’re really good at: solving new tricky issues.

Empower your customers

TOPdesk’s knowledge base helps operators answer recurring questions faster. But you can even go one step further and share your knowledge base directly with your customers through your Self-Service Portal. This way, you can prevent calls from happening in the first place – freeing up even more time for your agents. It’s what we call Shift Left.

Easy to use templates

To get the most out of your knowledge base, people need to know how to fill it properly. Make writing knowledge items as easy as possible for your agents by creating templates. Another advantage? Standardized forms. Your employees will create knowledge items more quickly, and you can be sure that they register all the necessary information.

Get new employees up and running faster

Getting a new co-worker up to speed often takes a lot of time, especially at a skilled service desk. Thanks to your knowledge base, new employees have access to all the necessary know-how and can begin processing their first requests from day one. While logging an incident, they can browse through suggestions and immediately apply them – learning as they go.

Keep getting smarter

Are you curious if sharing your knowledge pays off? You can keep track of a lot of metrics and find out. See what the least and most used knowledge items are in a jiffy. And discover what percentage of calls they helped your team solve. These metrics will help you improve your knowledge management and answer even more questions before they’ve been asked.

Make work more fun

Solving things yourself provides a greater sense of satisfaction than forwarding questions to other people. Working on complex issues makes for more of a challenge than repetitive work. In short, having a knowledge base, will make the work at your service desk more fun. And as for why that’s important, happy people provide better service!

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