Introduction to the New Asset Management


Want to know more about the New Asset Management module? Have you heard about the new module, but haven’t seen it in action? Join us for an introduction to New Asset Management, and we’ll get you familiar with the module!

In this webinar:

  • We introduce you to the ins & outs of the New Asset Management module.
  • We teach you how to browse and filter the Asset overview
  • We show you how to design your own Assets by creating and reusing templates, fields and widgets.
  • We will give you ideas on how to get the most out of your asset management by integration and automation.

This webinar is recorded in 2020. Want to watch an updated edition? Please watch the webinar ‘Best Practices for Migrating to Asset Management’


60 minutes




Features & processes

Your hosts

Bas Blanken

Product Manager, TOPdesk HQ

Kenny Stevens

BU manager and consultant, TOPdesk Belgium