ICT Strategy in Education: Drive innovation and get the buy-in of key stakeholders


Thursday, April 18th

9:00am AWST | 11:00am AEST

Schools must keep up with the evolving landscape of new technologies while addressing the operational needs of the institutions.

Join Jo Fursternberg, Matt Heinrich, and Kieran Bailey as they share their experience in leading ICT Strategies in schools. During this webinar, they will dive into how to go from ICT strategy to an actionable plan that has the support of the school board, teachers, and parents, while making a measurable impact.

In this webinar, we will cover:

  • Defining and measuring ICT maturity and success.
  • Prioritising, identifying opportunities of innovation while balancing risks.
  • Winning the support of key stakeholders, parents and students.
  • Finding the balance between innovation and day-to-day operational responsibilities.


45 minutes





Your hosts

Matt Heinrich

Director of Learning Technologies and ICT

Jo Furstenberg

ICT Manager

Kieran Bailey

Head of IT Services

Julieanne Jiang

Project Manager