Reservations Management

Your rooms, assets and services booked in no time

TOPdesk’s Reservations Management software makes it easy to reserve rooms, assets, and services like catering. You’ll have a clear overview of all your assets and facilities, from meeting rooms to laptops and company cars. Thanks to planners and to-do lists, everyone in your team knows what to do to make your reservations run smoothly.

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TOPdesk Reservation Management module

Requesting services made easy

TOPdesk’s Self-Service Portal makes it easy for your users to reserve rooms and related resources. Do they want to book a meeting room? They’ll also have the option to order coffee and tea and see the cost of these services. The clear planner guides users through the reservation request step by step, with photos of each room and service making it easier for them to choose.

Make divisible rooms available

Does your organization have rooms with retractable walls? You can make these large divisible rooms and their sub rooms reservable, as well as determine their standard block time, services and capacity. This helps your end users easily book the most suitable location – large or small.

Keep track of participants

Reservations Management lets you easily add participants to a reservation. Invite both employees and external participants, and even register new visitors directly in the reservations planner. Changed the reservation’s time or location? The participants are notified automatically, saving you a lot of time and effort.

All your reservations in one overview

The reservations planner shows you a clear overview of all reservations, giving you the option to add facilities and services in a matter of clicks. Keep track of a room’s occupancy and costs thanks to TOPdesk’s handy dashboard and reporting capabilities.

The right room, found in no time

Filter options in Reservations Management help you find exactly the room you need. Simply enter the number of persons, the desired location, and book your preferred room right away. The planner shows any conflicting reservations, or make it easier on yourself and choose to only see available facilities in the planner.

Did you know that users can easily change their recurring reservations in TOPdesk’s Self-Service Portal?