Create a better customer experience with omnichannel support

TOPdesk omnichannel support lets customers reach out to your service desk – how and when it’s right for them. Your touchpoints are connected, so all customer conversations come together in one place. You’ll make your agents’ lives easier and give customers a seamless experience.

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Keep the conversation flowing

Email, portal, chat or social media: customers can start a conversation with you on their favourite channel, easily switch channels and continue where they left off. Your agents will see the entire conversation in one single ticket. The result? Less repetition and better support.


Your days of copy-pasting are over! When customers send you an email, TOPdesk imports these messages and turns them into tickets automatically.   

Public forms

Employees aren’t the only ones who need supportPlace a form on your public intranet or website and give unregistered users like guests, students or citizens place to get in touch – without having to log into the Self-Service Portal.

Integrate with your customers’ preferred channels

Communication flow within IT Services has improved unbelievably.

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Answer questions faster thanks to chatbots

Answer lightning fast with chatbots

TOPdesk offers several chatbots integrations, helping you answer questions automatically without your agent’s help. It’s omnichannel customer service made even easier.

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See for yourself how omnichannel support puts your customers first

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