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Give staff and students the treatment they deserve

Enable the Digital Campus

With 24/7 connectivity, your students and staff expect increasingly more from their Service Desks. With TOPdesk you can provide impeccable service to all your users at all times.

Stay on top of the digital transformation and be ready for the future with software that’s always evolving. This helps keep up with the changing demands of Service Desk customers – from self-service, to knowledge management, to seamless location–based services.

Benefits of TOPdesk

- Increase Customer Satisfaction by 20%
- Decrease call rate by 50%
- Reduce lead time by 44%
- Increase Self-Service Portal usage by 75%

- 25 years experience in Education Helpdesks
- 90% of Education Customers recommend TOPdesk
- ROI within 6 months

Help all users equally

TOPdesk gives you the power to efficiently process all requests, no matter who logs it. The easily adaptable Self-Service Portal enables you to provide a catalogue for all your services. Your staff and students can solve simple requests themselves, freeing up your time for bigger issues.

Get insight into everything

Get deep insight into the performance of all departments, to keep improving on your KPIs and make sure you fulfil the requests of your customers in the best way possible.

TOPdesk’s easy 5-step reporting wizard lets you conjure up any report you need right away. Place the ones you want to keep track of day-to-day on your dashboard.

Collaborate across departments

Vastly improve the collaboration between all support departments in your institution by working out of the same tool. TOPdesk is purpose-built for Enterprise Service Management, so you can work across several departments with one unified service catalogue, enabling a much easier user experience.

How we work with you

With TOPdesk, St. Andrews University managed to become the first University Helpdesk to receive a 4-star accreditation. Watch Lorraine Brown's story here.

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Adapt easily to your organisation's needs

Quickly set up your customer portal without the need for coding or large-scale implementation projects. Our Self-Service Portal designer allows you to give your customers a one stop shop for all of their needs. Your customers can seamlessly request services from any department, chat with operators and find the answers to all their questions in the easy to navigate knowledge base.

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Take part in one of many events offered by the TOPdesk Higher Education Community. Within this user group you get the chance to meet like-minded professionals, join community days, share experiences, ideas and knowledge. Have a look at the upcoming event’s page for more information.

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 Helping you

Let us help you improve

We have 25 years of global experience in education to share. Use our expertise in best practice service management and learn from our specialist consultants. Together we find ways to improve your processes and work more efficiently as a team, and across service departments.

Why TU Delft chose TOPdesk

Paull Hillman, CIO of Technical University Delft in The Netherlands explains why they chose TOPdesk as a partner for their service management processes. TU Delft was looking for a partner and not only a supplier to help achieve their organizational goals, without customization.

We helped to integrate all services within TU Delft by being a partner in facilities management, IT, HR and finance. We created a one stop shop for both educational staff and students and made processes better by offering self-help services in an integrated portal system.

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