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The complete guide to a customer-centric service desk

The secret to cutting costs and improving your efficiency? A customer-centric service desk! Putting your customers first is the best way to become more cost-effective and increase customer satisfaction.

Download this 36-page e-book and get the key ingredients to a truly customer-focused service desk, including:

  • An 8-step plan for drawing up and successfully launching your service catalogue
  • How to cut lead and resolution times using Knowledge Centered Service (KCS)
  • The 3 key factors for effective customer communication
  • How to measure your customer satisfaction

What’s in the customer centricity e-book?

  • PART 1

    Focus on the customer

  • PART 2

    The customer's expectations

  • PART 3

    An optimal service catalogue

  • PART 4

    Managing and deploying knowledge

  • PART 5

    Customer-focused communication

  • PART 6

    Is your customer satisfied?

  • PART 7


About the author(s)

Colin Bassant

Colin is a service management consultant at TOPdesk and Knowledge Management specialist. He helps organizations make their customers more self-reliant and happier via Shift Left and the smart use of Knowledge Management.

The complete guide to a customer-centric service desk

Learn everything you need to know to create a truly customer-focused service desk.

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