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The complete guide to Knowledge Management

Does your service desk deal with many simple recurring notifications? Are employees unnecessarily sending messages to the second line? And do you wonder how you can handle this more conveniently?

Download this 32-page e-book and learn everything about Knowledge Management, including:

  • A clear-cut definition of knowledge management
  • How to lower lead and resolution times using Knowledge Centered Service (KCS)
  • Why you should invest in knowledge management
  • How much you will save – including a calculator
  • A step-by-step guide to implementing KCS

What’s in the Knowledge Management e-book?

  • PART 1

    What is Knowledge Management?

  • PART 2

    What is KCS?

  • PART 3

    Why invest in Knowledge Management?

  • PART 4

    Calculate how much time you save

  • PART 5

    Implementing KCS

About the author(s)

Joost Wapenaar

Joost is an experienced Service Management Consultant at TOPdesk. Among other things, his areas of expertise are ITIL, Knowledge Management, Operations Management, Knowledge Centered Service, and Tech Support.

The complete guide to Knowledge Management

Learn everything you need to know to handle recurring questions smarter.

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