Powerful Incident Management Software

Prioritise, track, resolve and follow-up any ticket seamlessly

Easily log and track all Incidents

Whether your call comes in through the Self-Service Portal or is logged by one of your team members, you can track the status of all Incidents one overview. See who's working on what, where the ticket is in its life cycle and if it's with first line or second line - and any other top-level information you may need.

Solve all Incidents in one place

All Incidents have their own overview cards. Find audit trails, attachments, and linked objects and drill into open times and any related existing problems. It's also the central place where you can assign a team member to the task and keep your caller up to date on the Incident resolution progress.

Utilise powerful Knowledge Management

Your team carries a lot of knowledge that can be used to solve Incidents. Use TOPdesk's powerful Knowledge Management capabilities to make the most of them. Let TOPdesk suggest potential solutions to your operators and customers. If an operator finds a clever solution to a reoccurring issue, the Knowledge Base can be easily updated directly from the Incident Card.

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 Assign Tasks With Ease

Easily assign calls to the right operators

If tasks have to be passed on, you want to be sure the new operator has all the information they need. In TOPdesk, all information is registered on one card that can be assigned to a different operator in one click. The dashboard shows what Incidents are assigned to who. Easily assign Incident priorities and escalate an Incident if you need to.

Track tickets Kanban-style

Use the TOPdesk Kanban board for even better overviews of ticket progress - agile style. Easily see who is working on what, where that ticket is in its lifecycle and identify any bottlenecks or actions that need to be taken.

Track user satisfaction and other reports

Make sure you're reaching your targets with powerful reporting. See customer satisfaction metrics at call closure and track anything from average resolution time to how many Incidents are escalated in the powerful reporting wizard. All to make sure you're on top of your Incident Management KPIs - meeting your SLAs and XLAs.

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Cut down on administration time

Wouldn’t it be efficient if callers not only provided all the right information, but registered it themselves as well? That's possible with the Self-Service Portal. Your customers can register their own requests, and they can monitor progress without your operators contacting them.

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