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Internal service departments are key to deliver better care

We all want the best care for our senior Australians. At the moment this isn’t the case for all elderly. There is room for improvement in customer-centricity, governance, quality, workforce and compliance in Aged Care. This is not something we can solve easily, as these topics are all related to each other. The workforce is linked to customer centricity, as we all know that employee experience equals customer experience. Furthermore, quality and compliance always go hand in hand. Your internal service departments, such as IT, HR, facilities and maintenance play an important role when it comes to improving your internal services and processes. They are collectively responsible for making sure that the workforce can focus on their core business: caring for our senior community.

Luckily you don’t need to reinvent the wheel: other healthcare institutions, such as hospitals, already started this journey to digitization and collaboration. What can we learn from them? We’ve outlined an example to prove that things can improve easy and fast.

Everyone had their own hobby horse, but if we hadn't stepped in, there is a fair chance that more comparable tools would have been purchased.

Richard Kamman

Amphia is a progressive Dutch hospital that prioritizes the quality of care. In order to safeguard excellent care in the future, Amphia continually improves its information provision. The hospital strives to achieve optimal information provision with as few applications as possible. Therefore Amphia has invested in one tool for all supporting departments. This lets them streamline internal processes, but above all provide better services to their end users.

The ease of collaboration in one tool

Working together in one system has proven to be a success. “We’re seeing more and more connections develop.” says Kamman, head of the Shared Service Center. “For instance, when a new employee commenced before, there was a mountain of paperwork to do. Now we register this whole process in TOPdesk in one go. A series of events is created, and these make sure that when the employee actually joins the organization, everything is ready and they can get straight to work.”

Continuous improvement

One of the next steps forward will be improving the use of the Self Service Portal. “In hospitals, everyone is in a hurry,” says Kamman. “If the helpdesk can’t be immediately reached by phone, people register their problems later, or even not at all. This isn’t what we want. It is much easier if people can register their calls themselves, from their own workstations. Meanwhile, we can immediately see who logged the call, and have access to all the information we need to respond effectively. The helpdesk used to be the busiest at the start of the day, but now the request are more spread out during the day. We’ve taken big steps forwards in terms of efficiency.”

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