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A methodology for success: transforming service delivery

In January 2020, Bord na Móna decided it was time to realize the full potential of TOPdesk, a tool they had been using since 2017. They embarked on a project to transform their service offering via the service catalogue – finally aligning vital areas of the business such as IT and facilities.

We spoke to Richard Reade, Business Applications – Team Lead, and Daniel Askin, Business Engagement Manager, about the project. They explained how TOPdesk’s consultancy services made their dreams a reality and what the future holds for Bord na Móna.

Our tile structure now reflects our simple service offering. We’ve avoided having too many layers, instead allowing our users to reach everything in three clicks.

Richard Reade

Limited by a lack of structure

Pre-project, Bord na Móna had a single IT service page with an abundance of forms. Additionally, with facilities also using TOPdesk, both departments could see everything going on. The result? A messy back end and a portal with little structure and low uptake. Frustrated with their ways of working, the team decided it was time to change their approach.

“Having an IT service that does everything is as good as having nothing,” says Richard during our conversation, an insight into the reasoning behind their huge transformation.

Time for TOPdesk’s experts

Overwhelmed with the task at hand, Bord na Móna turned to TOPdesk consultancy for experience and expertise: “I have no doubt that we’d still be struggling if we hadn’t reached out. We didn’t have an approach or methodology; the consultants brought this in a very focused way. They encouraged us to collaborate with key stakeholders and make a defined list of the services that we want to offer.”

The quick turnaround of the project surprised the team. They began working with TOPdesk in January and released the first phase of the project in March. From the get-go, the project was driven by a definite start and end, giving Bord na Móna the structure they craved.

Transformation: Where are Bord na Móna now?

Having begun with a single IT service page, Bord na Móna now have a clear, defined service catalogue, offering their users transparency and a logical interface: “Our tile structure now reflects our simple service offering. We’ve avoided having too many layers, instead allowing our users to reach everything in three clicks.”

Within six months of launching the new and improved self-service portal, Daniel explains that the team have seen a 30% increase in number of service requests logged via the portal – taking the total from 20% to 50%. Additionally, there has been a 16% increase in the total number of incidents logged with self-service.

What’s changed the users’ minds on the Bord na Móna self-service portal? The search bar’s flexibility has improved navigation, offering a similar experience to searching on the web. “My coolest feature is the search bar,” says Richard. “We are constantly updating the keywords based on how our customers search, ensuring they can always find what they need using this functionality.”

The improved portal has not only benefitted users, but the service desk too. As of March, the organization’s customer base has been working remotely and using the portal to log tickets. This has greatly relieved the amount of pressure on the service desk as they can direct users to the self-service portal rather than taking up the service desk’s phone system – leaving that free for priority calls.

Believing in the bigger picture

Bord na Móna have already made a huge transformation with their service offering, but Richard is keen to continue moving forward: “This project will always be ongoing. We can see the bigger picture now and what we’ve achieved so far has helped us to make a good case for getting all departments centralized.”

The team already has plans to onboard HR and now have the confidence, knowledge, and methodology to move forward independently.