Want an efficient IT helpdesk? Look no further.

If you manage an IT department, you're always busy. You help with forgotten passwords, sudden network problems, and equipment requests – preferably sooner than later. What if you could take away this pressure on your service desk? TOPdesk's ITSM tool is an easy way to automate your ITSM processes. Increase efficiency, reduce costs, make your customers happy.

  • Operations Management

    Stay on top of your operational activities

  • Problem Management

    Pinpoint the underlying causes of structural problems within your organization

  • Request Fulfillment

    Manage service requests and support your users from any location

  • Resource Management

    Stay on top of your employees’ availability and workload

  • Knowledge Management

    Increase self-service by publishing FAQs and standard solutions

  • Service Catalogue Management

    Easily manage the overview of service you provide

  • Supplier Service Level Management

    Register agreements to safeguard the quality of your services

Features to support your ITSM processes. Yes, they're ITIL friendly.

Process questions, complaints and malfunctions with ease

Register and process incidents more efficiently – from any location. You can assign incidents to an operator or supplier in a matter of clicks, and keep your customers up to date at all times.


Call Management lets us resolve incidents much more quickly. Our store can nowfocus on selling their wares.


TOPdesk Incident Management

TOPdesk Change Management

Stay on top of planned changes to your IT assets

Managing workflows within your organization can be a hard task. TOPdesk gives you the tools to do a great job. Whether you’re coordinating a software upgrade or replacing workstations, everyone involved knows what needs to be done and when.

TOPdesk Form Designer

Increase customer satisfaction: let your users help themselves

The Self-Service Portal offers an easy way for users to find the information they need – without your help. End users can easily log and track calls, consult FAQs and check the knowledge base for standard solutions.

Thanks to the Self-Service Portal, we have fewer procedures and more time to actually work on solutions

Maastricht council

Maintain overviews of your IT assets’ location and status

Registering your company items is quick and easy with the Configuration Management module. Never lose track of your hardware or software assets again, from workstations and telephones to operating systems.

TOPdesk ITSM reporting

Dashboard and reporting

Keep track of your department’s performance

TOPdesk provides one clear dashboard for all your reports and KPIs. You can create insightful reports in a few steps, from line graphs to pie charts, helping you measure customer satisfaction and your organization’s performance.


TOPdesk ITSM Plan Board

Resource management

Stay on top of your employees’ availability and workload

This feature grants insight into workloads and makes it easy to adjust your department’s schedule. See who's working, what they're working on andallocate new tasks using drag-and-drop.


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