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A new chapter: Enhancing services and elevating opportunities

LTE Group believe in empowering everyone through education. They are using TOPdesk to ensure that service delivery works seamlessly alongside learning to provide opportunities for people in all walks of life.

We spoke to Gabrielle Candlish, Service Operations Manager at LTE Group, about the organization’s use of TOPdesk to support their mission.

We can really see the potential of TOPdesk and begin looking at our overall maturity to continue to improve our processes and services.

Gabrielle Candlish

An opportunity to enhance services

Unifying and guiding people is at the core of what LTE Group do. With ambitious plans to support a variety of educational settings and teams, they recognized that enhancing their services would be essential for success and executing their plans. “Growing a shared services model is a key requirement for the organization and TOPdesk falls in line with what we want to achieve,” says Gabrielle.

The group’s intention was always to use the system in multiple departments and for various tasks. So, it’s no surprise that several teams already use TOPdesk (IT, HR, Facilities Management, Health and Safety, Information Services, and the Data Protection Office, for instance) and that this is expected to grow even further. This will enable LTE Group to support and provide even more new opportunities in their educational settings.

Supporting education with TOPdesk

The system allows the group to facilitate learning by providing IT support to classrooms and enables each individual academic environment, including prisons and secure centers, to customize and set service level agreements (SLAs) to reach their targets.

Working with TOPdesk has allowed LTE Group to offer more efficient and simple support: “Before, technical engineers still had to print excel spreadsheets and troubleshoot with pen and paper. Whereas now, they can securely access information through TOPdesk. It has been a game changer for how we operate!”

Empowering the entire group

The intuitive and easy-to-use nature of TOPdesk has given the entire group a new lease of life when it comes to service delivery. Gabrielle says that people, including herself, have been inspired to play their part: “When somebody notices a gap in the service offering or the self-service portal, they now feel confident to make a change themselves.”

“Using TOPdesk has encouraged us all to eliminate any bad practices that have become habit. This has been a positive change as now the group feels empowered to hold others accountable, no matter their position, when delivering services to meet our high standards and using the system correctly.”

A new chapter

Implementing TOPdesk and introducing a new way of working has allowed the organization to truly unite and enter an exciting new chapter in their service delivery.

“Now we are all beating from the same drum, we can really see the potential of TOPdesk and begin looking at our overall maturity to continue to improve our processes and services. We have already introduced weekly meetings with the Change Advisory Board to review knowledge and content in the system.”

LTE Group are taking an approach of continuous service improvement and have already reaped the benefits: “We have had more positive feedback about this self-service interaction than anything we have ever offered before. TOPdesk has contributed to our success in a seamless way.”